Years & Years @ o2 Academy, Bristol, 21/10/2015

Years & Years.London electronica trio Years & Years have been about since 2010, but it’s only now, since the release of "King" earlier this year, that they’ve managed to get themselves a cult following. Tonight at the o2 Academy, it’s packed. The gig is sold out and there’s a real mix of people gearing up for the arrival of Olly, Mikey and Emre.

The three of them manage to blend electro pop with house, which on paper should make for the perfect set at a venue like Bristol's o2 Academy. Having witnessed how well their set went down at Glastonbury earlier this year, I’m excited to see how they measure up tonight.

Out they come. The stage lighting lifts the trio off the stage and they kick off with "Foundation" - the first track on their debut album Communion. The perfect opener for both album and live show, it builds a sense of excitement; an excitement that I hope lasts for the entire set. "Take Shelter" is next, and it has a building introduction - the beat is there, but it’s a stand and sway’er… Music to get lost in. Background music maybe, but a catchy rhythm all the same.

Years & Years like to remind us how much they love us - their fans. At every opportunity. Then its onto the third track, "IS IT DESIRE? OR IS IT LOVE THAT I’M FEELING FOR YOU?" This is what really gets the crowd going, the bridge especially, and is a much needed lift for all.

The set continues, as they rattle through songs from their album, then, out of nowhere - the band go off piste… Am I hearing things? Are they really covering Britney Spears 90s banger "Toxic"? Yes they are. And it’s amazing.

That’s a hard act to follow, which is probably why they leave "King" until last… Years & Years lead into their last two tracks "Border" and "Real", before they head off. 

Wait a minute. "King"? WHERE’S "KING"?

Oh of course. It wouldn’t be a Years & Years set without an encore… What do we want? "KING". When do we want it? Well, preferably before now but if we have to wait for you to dwindle off stage for a bit then we will oblige.

As expected, it's an amazing goodbye. Now we’re "WOAH-OH-OH, I WAS A KING…under your control"-ing off into the night. A great set with great energy. Bring on the next album.


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