Wolf Alice @ Trinity Centre, Bristol, 02/04/15

Wolf AliceWolf Alice are back in Bristol to prove once more they can get the whole room dancing with their blissfully grunge-pop. The Trinity Centre swells with sixth-formers in Doc Martens and flannel - and a bunch of older music fans too - as the doors open. The sold-out crowd tap their feet through the youthful, and at times Busted-like support act The Magic Gang, who are enjoyable but have only about as much street cred as the name suggests.

When Wolf Alice finally grace the stage they are met with glee and shrieking voices, before launching into their debut single of 2013, "Fluffy". Excitement floods the room as the fan-favourite punk-pop banger gets everyone moving with its quick, thrilling build-ups and scream-along chorus. Crowdsurfers bask in the brilliance of the moment until bouncers bizarrely shine green lasers in their eyes to make them get down, which doesn't really stop anyone.

"Storms" from last year's EP Creature Songs is a sarcastic ode to toilet graffiti and fake friends, dressed in heavy, slamming guitar riffs and goes down a treat with the raring-to-go teenagers at the front. Indie anthem "Bros" follows and it's clearly what some people have been waiting for all night. Everywhere around, people seize their best mates and spend the song embracing as they belt along to 'their song' together.

Singer Ellie Rowsell is flawless as she flits effortlessly between a delicate melody and a screaming peak. When the encore comes, a slight technical blip means that their planned two songs are cut down to one when a guitar goes faulty, and Ellie's guitar is pinched by lead guitarist Joff Oddie in a smooth improvisation that leads straight into "Moaning Lisa Smile". Lead single from the last EP, it is supposedly a song about Lisa Simpson, but the 90's grunge influences are a lot more recognisable. Ellie does a fantastic job sans-guitar and gets the crowd ecstatic when she sings a verse and chorus in the front row.

What is heard from upcoming debut album "My Love Is Cool" is flawless, and gives us classic mixes of soft crooning and screaming, as well as plenty of hooks and riffs.


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