William the Conqueror return with Bleeding on the Soundtrack

William the Conqueror Bleeding on the SoundtrackCurrently residing in the surf capital of England, Newquay, is the Americana brainchild behind William the Conqueror, Ruarri Joseph. Alongside Naomi Holmes (bass) and Harry Harding (drums), he creates infectious and diverse music that's lead to AmericanaFest in Nashville and sharing a stage with Van Morrison.

Unsurprisingly it's not taken long for William the Conqueror to be held in high regard as a band, not only capable of offering their audience heavier sides of folk rock and alt-country, but also roots and blues.

Their latest offering Bleeding on the Soundtrack will be the second release in a trilogy of albums that began with 2017’s Proud Disturber of the Peace, a joyful collection inspired by Joseph's early life in Cornwall. With added William the Conqueror zest, the debut is rich in upbeat flavours of folk rock that inspire imagery of cruising along the coast in a beat-up VW, living life to its fullest.

In keeping with these autobiographical themes, Bleeding on the Soundtrack sees Joseph recount less idyllic times as adolescence, addiction, divorce and upheaval are worked into songs of hope, humour and honesty. And with that in mind, album opener "Path of the Crow" is the very empathy to such sorrow. Every line (delivered in simple rhyming couplets) is torn by love and leaving, brought out of the shadows of sadness by spirited pulsating rhythms that are just one of the many shades William The Conqueror offer on their second record.

"The Burden" is the first sight of tender acoustic soulfulness, that again reflects loss and its great companion: grief. As flutters of piano emphasis the heartache, the band's resolve is to build the song up, adding subtle instrumentation and harmonies to such effect that, come the end of the song, you feel a certain ease with grief and conspire to feel hope for the future.

Their ‘trump’ card is to go big on groove, usually at the mercy of Holmes’s bass lines. "Madness on the Line" is defined by her constant finger trickery, whereas her subtle playing on "Be So Kind" allows a violin player to join the ranks to triumphant effect; swaying in and out of the band's groove, all while allowing the other band members to join Joseph in vocal harmony.

Recorded live over a twelve-day period at Real World Studios, with legendary producer Ethan Johns, Bleeding on the Soundtrack proves with glorious upbeat folk and country rock, via blues grooves and harmonica howls, that reciting troubles from the past need not be played out in downer tones and bleak instrumentation. Despite its content, this record will leave you firmly in dizzy heights of happiness and looking to the future with positive eyes. An inspired masterpiece in cleansing the soul.

Release: 15th February 2019, Loose Music


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