Stone Irr tackles tricky dreams on This Month EP

Stone IrrIt is impossible to recall the specifics of a dream. You awake from it and as you try to recall the details of the magical landscape from which you've just departed, fragments slip away. You can try and grasp at remembering the dream, but it gets away from you like water in cupped hands.

This is the challenge facing Stone Irr. The inspiration for his music comes from his recollection of fragments of his dreams. He sings on "Remembering", the opening track to his EP This Month, that he just wants to "grasp on these little words."

The choral pop feel of the EP constantly feels like you are immersed in a landscape slightly away from reality. Irr's muffled vocals soar backed by an acoustic guitar, but they constantly feel muffled and distant, which gives the EP a disorientating feeling.

Fans of Avi Buffalo will find plenty to appreciate in Irr's style of singing and his surreal, but at times light hearted lyrics - most notably on tracks like "My Aunt Is Getting Married".

The record is just as puzzling and incoherent as the dreams Irr is hoping to portray until the stirring album closer, "Lake Side". On this final track, the Indiana musician channels his inner Bon Iver, as he sings with greater conviction than anywhere else on the EP. On this track, he is waking from his slumber and is thus coming to terms with the world outside of his dreams and all the beauty and burdens that come with it.

Irr's aim from his music is to record memories from dreams and nightmares. Like a dream, when you awake at the end of the record, you find yourself confused as to what you just listened to. In that sense, This Month is also a triumph because it is an album that feels like it is being listened to from behind a blurred filter somewhere in the realm of unconsciousness, which was exactly what Stone wanted to put on record.

Release: 20th November 2015, Darling Records


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