Stef Chura shows growth on new album Midnight

Stef Chura's sophomore album Midnight is a progressive sonic exploration into the depths of collaborative songwriting. With Will Toledo (Car Seat Headrest) in the production chair and Saddle Creek footing the bill for the release, each song drives through the highs and lows of inner angst as buzzing amplifiers find common ground in harmonious bliss.

Largely inspired by the renaissance and resurgence of Chura's hometown of Detroit, Midnight echoes the city's DIY landscape and puts the listener at the heart of the cement jungle as it rises from its mid-00s collapse.

The full length encompasses the grit that Detroiters have been born and bred on for years, but it also injects the fresh and vehement sound of Toledo into Chura's repertoire. As part of the collection of songs, Chura navigates the production with a fevered sense of exploration. “This album has a lot of depth to it and a particular sound because of Will,” Chura explains. Toledo's spiky nuances can be found across the length and breadth of Midnight, culminating in an exhilarating rush of sound and colour.


Chura uses the space Toledo allows to continue to discover her signature sound. “Sweet Sweet Midnight” is a standout where the music tugs and pulls at inner demons, fizzing to the surface with effervescent guitar melodies and dynamic songwriting. There’s a distinct jangle and wobble that repeats within the infectious nuisance of each note. It’s almost as if Chura and Toledo have become an extension of the same inner conscious and the music swells into a devastatingly intoxicating mixture as a result.

Midnight is a bold leap forward from predecessor, debut album Messes, and shows Chura has progressed through several levels of musicality. Every aspect of her music presents a new opportunity of expression, as Midnight pummels through 12 restless and relentless tracks.

Release: 7th June 2019, Saddle Creek


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