Sisters explore contemporary pop on Wait Don’t Wait

Wait Don't WaitWait Don’t Wait is the second full-length release by pop duo Sisters, comprising Emily Westman and Andrew Vait. It's an experimental, quietly defiant work of quite sweeping depth that highlights the band’s interest in a range of music and instruments rarely heard in contemporary 'pop'.

"Heart Beats" is a nicely crafted funk-driven 80s standard that’s a mix of smoothly merged riffs and electronic textures overlaid with falsetto choruses.  The outro is transformed by a saxophone solo, however, erupting unexpectedly into something lithe and powerful that disappears almost before it had begun; as if either the session musician had been paid by the note, or Sisters had made a conscious decision to avoid the connotations around lengthy outro solos of any kind.

Elsewhere on Wait Don’t Wait, "Let Me Go" opens with what sounds like a distorted wobble board and choir clapping, blending gently searching lyrics with a slightly cheesy ELO type chorus before starting up again with the dystopian toy cupboard wobble board and closing with a punchy rock standard guitar solo. All of the textures are intriguing and skilfully merged but their variety makes for an odd meal.

This fondness for merging sonic blocks produces mixed results on Wait Don’t Wait. "Sleepy Eyes" cuts between moody pop burlesque, dreamy choral lyric structures cut from teenage hero’s dream, warm and pleasant lift jazz, little staccato funk interludes, and then back again to the burlesque, now joined by panpipes. The overall sensation is akin to standing on a lift that passes through genre-based rooms, all of which are sampled despite there being no clear relationship between them. "Glitter Lights" has more of the same, boasting a kind of chorus that wallows and gallops simultaneously.

Sisters should be applauded for their willingness to explore sounds that elsewhere are typically are given less credence in the production of 'serious music'. "Bird", a far sparser sadder number, features several beautiful melodramatic climaxes that feature the unexpectedly beautiful moving fluttering of a flute and delayed gothic chords, revealing Sisters to be a talented pair of musicians. The song is a miniature epic, ceasing unexpectedly after just 2.45.

Much is made about Sisters love of making 'fun' music, but the source of much of that fun is in the restless, experimental nature of the songs which do not settle into anything like an identifiable structure, never give in to popular format and rarely last longer than three minutes. Wait Don’t Wait is an intriguing work.

Release: 13th October 2017, Bandcamp


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