s t a r g a z e tackle Deerhoof Chamber Variations

s t a r g a z e - Deerhoof Chamber VariationsLegendary alt rock drummer Greg Saunier has teamed up with Berlin-based instrumental collective s t a r g a z e to create a ten-part contemporary classical arrangement of nine and a half Deerhoof songs. Ebbing and flowing through the entire spectrum of human emotions, the sections weave beautiful, lilting lines though haunting, unsettling backdrops of instrumentation.

Opening with the frenetic double bass, trumpet, and piano of "Rainbow Silhouette of the Milky Rain", the Deerhoof Champer Variations throw the listener in at the deep end from the off, before the space-like mood of "Data" with refrains of "nothing you can do can stop me"; gentle string arrangements mingle with the vocal melodies, as Saunier draws out wistless chord patterns from the original music of Deerhoof, before the listener is plunged into the raw melancholy of the first half of "Giga Dance", complete with twinkling harp providing a bitter-sweet detail to the rest of the orchestration.

Both the flow and the judder of the Deerhoof Champer Variations has a certain dream-like quality, with an unrealistic pace, jumping from mood to mood with alarming fickleness. This is seen clearest within my personal favourite, "My Purple Past", which, while less than two minutes long, is nonetheless broken down into three completely separate parts, each with their own moods. Another emotional climax rears its head in "Jagged Fruit", blending a certain urgency with the same lilting dreaminess of previous tracks, before diving into the high staccato strings of "Sealed with a Kiss".

The Deerhoof Champer Variations are a beautiful set of musical studies for those with shorter attention spans, or who like to sample their musical moods in smaller bursts – to draw a comparison, see the pieces as a varied set of tapas, with softness and spice thrown together to beautiful effect...

Release: 4th December 2015, Trangressive Records


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