Metronomy get sexy on Summer 08

Summer 08Summer 08. What a lifetime ago. Metronomy released Nights Out that year; a “half arsed concept album” about “crap nights out." Where Nights Out was classically English in its self-depreciative, vomit in a bus stop in Totness mould, Summer 08 is a very different proposition, featuring an altogether more sexually confident Joseph Mount who is finally living up to the name. Essentially Mount has got his moody pout on, the politeness has been diluted by something altogether more assertive.

This is a treat that Metronomy have built up to, with strange conservatism given the sexualisation of practically every other commodity, but one well worth the wait. "Old Skool" is the early stand out, a bass riff galloping over the sound of tea cups being delicately spanked while Mount tells beautiful tales about getting loose and big rigged in the West End.

And at the same time the sexiness is something Mount’s perfectly happy to undercut and play with, both in terms of sound and lyrics; the opening wall of noise in "Back Together" sounds like a Mario Kart intro before it’s dropped and picked up again a minute later. Things are kept varied on "Miami Logic" when a great, slow but dirty guitar solo is thrown in and accented by ascending keyboards in an outstanding linkup.

The openers are groove driven, (somewhere between electro pop and bass) but Mount’s delivery is breathier and varied, openly seductive and playful, which later becomes a slow sweet honesty on "Hang Me Out to Dry", which features Robyn, who is coy and unresolved, close and distant simultaneously. The work loses pace as it progresses, openings feel stretched (on My House for instance) and at times "Summer Jam" sounds vaguely similar to Hot Chip’s "Why Make Sense" and barely less coherent. But where that tried to be overly poetic, "Night Owl" stands out as super pillar of slinky pop.

Mount is a man for city living and Summer 08 is urbanely sexy without insisting on it.

Release: 1st July 2016, Because Music


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