Little Grim @ The Macbeth, London, 11/05/2016

Little GrimThe Macbeth in Hoxton is a pretty small venue. But, as the saying goes, quality over quantity - the wooden decor and low-lighting lends itself perfectly to the vibe of tonight's headliner, Little Grim. 

The South London four-piece pride themselves on their "dark and twisted" alt rock sound, with some pretty disturbing lyrics to match. In particular, "Infectious" and "Black Blood" are not your typical, easy listening indie tunes. They demand a certain level of attention, and grab you with lyrics like, "Stitched tight, choking on my insides, picking at the white fluff, sticking out the wound."  Lovely stuff.

Tonight isn't just any old gig for Little Grim; tonight marks the launch for the band's latest single "Sparks" - an alt rock hit with a distinct 70s twist. While most bands would choose to close with the single they're trying to promote, these boys use "Sparks" as their opening song. Definitely a good decision - the minute the grimey bass line starts to play, the audience go silent. And stay silent for the entirety of the set.

6X8A4400What proceeds is a dynamic, accomplished performance from four guys who clearly love doing what they do. I could easily be described as a Little Grim veteran by now, having shot their gigs on multiple occasions over the past year. They always impress, but this performance is definitely the best I've seen from the band. Lead singer Joe Murphy's dancing during "Black Blood" goes far beyond the expected hip-wiggle and head-nod and ventures into realms a whole lot more bizarre. He describes his moves as something akin to an "elegant flailing salmon," so that should give a pretty clear mental picture.

Support comes from Fades and PlayingHouse - the latter having been played on BBC 6Music and introduced as DJ Tom Robinson's new favourite band. It's easy to see why, the songs are very catchy. Considering that all three bands on tonight's bill are unsigned, they've managed to draw an impressive crowd. The room is completely packed.

6X8A4579 (1)-3Little Grim are obviously ecstatic with the turn out, profusely thanking the audience for coming down at every given opportunity. "Sparks" is an undeniable success, and a definite progression from their previous single "Vice"The energy of the band tonight is - ahem - "Infectious" and the audience are absolutely on board. Well done to the Little Grim boys - they deserve nothing less.


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