Lily & Madeleine captivate on Canterbury Girls

Lily & Madeleine Canterbury GirlsWith each album, Lily & Madeleine find new ways to enchant us. On Canterbury Girls the sisters get more personal, as their fourth album in 6 years wraps their confessional lyrics in some of the most beautiful music they've ever made. Over the 10 songs they sound confident and assured as the music constantly makes subtle shifts under our feet. Strong, smart, and unwavering in their solidarity, this album is set up as a treat for 2019.

Recorded in only 10 days, Lily & Madeleine allow the songs to exist in a singular moment just like the experiences that inspired them. “Bruises” would have slipped into the ether on previous albums but here the focus remains on the narrative. As songwriters, the sisters have never had more to say as they claw their way out of toxic relationships and overcome feelings of creative stagnation. Finding empowerment in their own harmonies, Lily & Madeleine sound wiser than their years and more diverse arrangements only strengthen that argument.

“Can’t Help the Way I Feel” is a timeless pop song built upon a perfect melody and defies explanation. It recalls the masterful writing of Carole King with a laid-back 70s vibe that smells like the California coast. Melancholic waltzes, disco flourishes, and pulsating electronic grooves all share space on Canterbury Girls but the experience never becomes disjointed. Like Kacey Musgraves, the duo appear willing to let each song dictate the path it takes musically even when it pushes them into unfamiliar territory.

Given space to grow over four albums, Lily & Madeleine haven’t been trapped in a bubble of fame where oversharing on social media sometimes replaces quality writing. The emotions they write about are drenched in the sweat of working musicians who drag amps into tiny clubs to play for a handful of souls on a lonely tour while a pair of familiar arms may, or may not, be patiently awaiting their return. Lily & Madeleine have boldly allowed their needs as writers and women to take precedent over what popular music, and the world, expect from them. In doing so, they have created an album that feels timeless and absolutely essential to today.

Release: 22nd February 2019, New West Records


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