Juliana Daugherty presents a heart felt soundtrack to sadness with Light

LightRaised in a musical family, and with accolades in classical music and poetry, Juliana Daugherty is no stranger to the world of music. Her debut album Light sees her drawing only from the latter to present a beautiful collection of sad songs for all the people who love a sad song... And let's face it, these days, those kind of folk are two a penny. But don’t go turning the page just yet, because we all need a sad song from time to time. What better way to put things into perspective than to relate to the tribulations of others? To feel elation in songs, just knowing you're not alone in the feelings we all feel, is what makes music the most beautiful soul on the planet.

Opening track and lead single "Player" doesn’t quite set the tone for the album. Don’t get too attached to the driving bass and mellow grunge tones; they're soon brought to life with subtle instrumentation that takes things out of the lame and ordinary.

Wonderful guitar tones and a great groove muscle on "Baby Teeth" see things move along, but it's the third track that will have you grasping for her words. "Revelation" sees Daughtry's poetry ignite, and beautifully encapsulates the feeling of overthinking, comparing her resolve to a vast ocean. As the record plays out you get a sense that Daugherty is, or certainly has been tackling her own private struggles: "I wrote this record partly to strip mental illness of its power," confesses Daugherty. She adds, "There is nothing useful or beautiful to be gleaned from the experience of depression."


Things take an eerie turn on "Sweetheart" as Daugherty continues to tread through the fragile and broken, including on the ironically titled "Bliss". But that’s the nature of Daugherty; she thrives on the downbeat and celebrates her misery with a melting pot of vocal tones reminiscent of Portishead's Beth Gibbons, though she has her own mesmerising, high and haunting pitches.

Although Light is a world forever shattered, there's great musical prowess in the formula Juliana Daugherty revisits and relies on. These songs are slowly built up with other instruments, notably keys and guitar; but Daugherty strips them of their natural sound and offers them up serrated and modern. It’s a beautiful record, capturing a moment in time when joy and happiness must take a back for those more sombre moods that just love to creep in out of life anytime they choose. A heart felt soundtrack to sadness.

Release: 1st June 2018, Western Vinyl

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