Introducing: Shana Cleveland

Shana ClevelandIf you ever find yourself driving on a desert highway at dusk, do yourself a favour and have Shana Cleveland's Night of the Worm Moon on your road trip playlist. Her sultry, soft vocals were made for the scene.

Does Cleveland's voice sound familiar to you? She's been at the helm of surf-rock band La Luz for years. Formerly a Seattleite but now based in California, Cleveland found herself between albums and embarked on a new creative journey to fill the time. She made her solo debut in 2015 with a more traditional folk sound, but her new music is in an entirely different realm.

Acoustic guitar riffs intricately weave together with Cleveland's delicate voice to create a mellow soundscape; the perfect soundtrack to a warm, hazy summer night. Fun fact: the serene album was actually recorded during 2017's solar eclipse, which makes sense as there's a trippy, dream-like vibe throughout.

Cleveland's voice has always contrasted well with beach vibes, but for her solo project it compliments the music's sci-fi feel. Night of the Worm Moon is inspired by everything from Afrofuturism to science fiction and the surrealism of living in Los Angeles.

Shana Cleveland just finished up a string of shows touring North American ahead of European dates set for October 2019.


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