Hinds tackles self reflection on I Don’t Run

i don't runThe new album from Spanish indie rock quartet Hinds is a propulsive and upbeat mix of infectious melodies beneath damning self-criticism. The band returns after the success of their first album with I Don't Run and since 2014, they've been on a bit of a globetrotting run which provides the groundwork for this latest release. Though their music comes across as a brilliantly carefree breeze, the band reflects on a deeper lyrical framework from sold-out crowds, harsh criticism, sexism, and everything in between. Their music has grown and developed, and they have grown as tougher, tighter friends. It all shines a beautiful shade.

Though much of I Don't Run moves with a beachy, and at times, lo-fi attitude, there are dense elements thrown throughout. With the first single, "New For You", not only do they encapsulate the saccharine formula of old, but now take a hard look at self-reflection. Paired with an incredibly fun music video where the band dominates the football field amidst a group of male players, there seems to be a dual meaning. Not only can Hinds play as dangerously as any male DIY act, but they react to sudden notoriety with a sensitive approach; a result perhaps of their inherent femininity. The classic Hinds mixture dazzles in the melody. With jangling guitars set to weave in and out of catchy vocal hooks, there is also a bit of a darker undertone. One that possibly comes from all of the experience and common thread on the album. The band sings, "I just want to know it's over because I want to be somebody new for you." These honest, raw, and relatable feelings give an early preview to the rest of I Don't Run.


The thing about the album is that each song could stand alone as the soundtrack for a perfect summer day. It's so easy to imagine driving down a long stretch of coastal shorelines in a vehicle with the top down. Each song locks its beat right into the pocket and builds upon layers of strings and agitated vocals. But with that in mind, there is a definite disenchantment behind the songs' meanings. Some might expect them to write songs about being happy, young and carefree – “but we're not satisfied with that,” explains guitarist and co-vocalist Ana Perrote. “On this album the struggles are clear. We want to be brave.

Bravery is an interesting concept, but one that feels more important than ever these days. Hinds does not shy away from those elements of self-reflection that often do symbolize a shift in musical maturity. That doesn't mean that they've lost anything in the process. But with songs like "Rookie" and "Soberland", they've dove deeper into telling stories with an inherent meaning. These songs have a nursery rhyme style in the sense that they're incredibly easy to pick up on and remember after the first time. You'll find yourself humming them hours later.

Release: 6th April 2018, Lucky Number

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