Gold Celeste try eclectic indie with The Glow

Gold Celeste – The Glow

Gold Celeste are a three piece from Norway. On their new album The Glow, they sound (as has been pointed out elsewhere) a lot like Flaming Lips. You know: big magical painterly songs, which play between strident, unembarrassed sensitivity and ever-so-slightly discomfiting but playful leftfield chord progressions, never letting you be totally at ease with what’s happening.

Depending on where you stand on Wayne Coyne and his merry band – some of us think they’re *cough* overrated and boring *cough*– you might argue Gold Celeste are more fun when in their stride, and more convincingly emotive in a ‘music is doing things that you can’t quite do with words’ kind of way. It's just Gold Celeste lack the scale or ambition to have pulled off Flaming Lips' grandeur on The Glow.

It sounds - with its preponderance of swooning organs and keys, its guitar jangles and walking bass progressions, and its falsetto vocal harmonies - a bit Britpop. There’s some 90s Radiohead in there, a bit of Mansun and a bit of Blur. Indeed, “The Dreamers” might have been what “The Universal” would have sounded like if Damon Albarn had taken a blow to head severe enough that he unclenched his arse at some point during the making of The Great Escape.  The drums too are wonderful, enthusiastic and so close to imprecision that their eventual accuracy makes them feel like a loose but perfectly measured chain of fire crackers going off.

There’s something else to The Glow; what feels like a throwback to some of the music of the 21st century. A touch of Tellier, a modicum of Mew, a pinch of Peter, Bjorn and John, some Sigur Ros. Look, there are a lot of influences. You should probably listen to it and work it out for yourself. We can’t do all the work for you, can we?

Release: 11th September 2015, Riot Factory


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