Gengahr flourish with Where Wildness Grows

Where Wildness GrowsGengahr return for more shimmery, summery soundscapes with long-awaited follow up, Where Wildness Grows. Having covered light and airy dream-pop with their debut, A Dream Outside, Gengahr have been busy touring with Jungle, festival-ing and crafting their latest release. You may wonder, how long has it been? And well, it’s been two years. Two whole years.

But it’s not through a lack of trying. They did, in fact, have to scrap their album and start again, feeling that they had lost their edge and weren’t happy with their output. Instead, they stripped it back and recorded in one room altogether to retrieve that rawness they’ve captured so well live. And that translates into a beautifully delicate, yet powerful album in Where Wildness Grows.

It comes as no surprise that it was recorded during the summer of 2017. Chiming guitar chords and glimmering melodies take you back to the summer too, afresh with blue skies and sunshine.  The opening track, "Before Sunrise" awakens you to the album’s fresh and enlivening atmosphere. A gorgeous melody drives the track, with Felix Bushe’s vocal sitting on the back burner.

It’s here where you can hear the slight tweaks in their sound. It’s bigger and bolder, with the melody and drum acting as a powerful force. This weaves an earthy and wholesome soundscape into their foundations, reflecting the naturalistic theme of the album.

"Mallory" sounds all too familiar to me. It may have been teased in the depths of the Brecon Beacons at Green Man festival last year, but it doesn’t lose any of its charm in a recorded format. Weeding up those festival memories, its playfulness brings out more of the flourishing charm. Felix’s vocal lightens the texture, adding fragility and honesty and harking back to that delicate band in A Dream Outside.


It’s not like we haven’t heard it before. Gengahr showed us what’s what with their debut, but on Where Wildness Grows it feels raw, uplifting and wholesome. They still have the slight tinge of Glass Animals and alt-J in their fabric but manage to break free from their more reserved and quiet nature to add live authority. Moving into new territories, "Rising Tides" begins with their trademarked soothing vocal before bursting out into a bold and funky bassline. It’s quite different from the rest of the album, with a super rhythmic and catchy chorus, that's bound to be sung back to them from the crowd on their upcoming tour.

"Whole Again", closes the album with happiness and dreamy thinking. Pondering on those sunny skies and positivity, the “we can be whole again” bravado is an uplifting end, with a glimpse into that heartfelt honesty of Gengahr. Feeling all the better, peaceful and content, the track punctuates what is already a beautiful listen.

Release: 9th March 2018, Transgressive Records


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