Brave words, Gratitude and lots of reflection from Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Benjamin Francis Leftwich GratitudeTo quote Benjamin Francis Leftwich: “As writers, sometimes our currency is pain.” That tells you two things about the London based singer songwriter. Firstly, he knows how to take a few words and knock you on your ass. And secondly, he’s been to hell and back. So, third album Gratitude seems a very apt album title from a man fresh out of rehab; having surrendered to depression and addiction in the aftermath of his 2016 world tour supporting his long awaited 2nd album After The Rain.

It was during the down time of this tour that demos started to surface in the form of voice recordings and with the help of frequent collaborator Lazy H, these voice recordings began to form the back bone of songs that would shape Gratitude. It's a record that promises to capture a singer no longer bound to the shackles of his former life and free to expand his poetic tones into modern new soundscapes.


A striking quality about Leftwich is his effortless style of singing. Somewhere between Chris Martin and Justin Vernon, it’s a fragile, broken and mildly smoky and that is his rock throughout Gratitude; binding his songs, heavily dressed in reflection and redemption with an overcoat of Bon Iver’s synth tapestry’s.

Gratitude showcases an array of musical journeys that are modern and traditional. Songs like “Look Ma!” - which was written in the wake of sobriety - bleeds synth and rhythm and blues flavours before thunderous electronic drums elate the singer further into the modern, as Leftwich fills the breaks with grand falsettos that show great prowess. “Sometimes” and “I Got You” is how Leftwich intertwines his new style with his more trademark acoustic flare; rife on debut album Last Smoke Before The Snow Storm.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich wouldn’t be the first ‘tortured-soul’ singer songwriter to confess to hitting rock bottom. But by conquering his addictions and finding redemption, he's opened himself up to a brave new musical transmission. It's a place that frequency’s favour electronic over acoustic and the result is a glorious collection of guiding lights for others to follow; excitement for what comes next and proof that great records can be made without the rock n roll clichés.

Release: 15th March 2019, Dirty Hit


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