Beach Skulls summarise summer with Slow Grind

BSlow Grindeach Skulls’ debut album is sure to be a big part of your summer soundtrack. They’ve been creating summery garage pop since 2011, born from Ry Vieria’s musical vision. Their relaxed musical style is reflected in their laid back attitude; so far they’ve been creating the odd single here and there and playing around the UK. But now, the Liverpool trio have got a debut album to boot, with a bit of help from the Merseyside Arts Foundation and label, Punk Slime Records.

The album title, Slow Grind, kind of says it all. Their slow, relaxed, summer vibe just makes you forget that you’ve got no money and no friends. With nods to surf pop and the Californian summer, the slow tempo album is an escape from the typical sludge of work and English weather.

Opener “Heavy Pound” has a fun Temples-like riff. Paired with catchy lyrics, a laid-back melody and some echo-ey “la la las”, the track hits the garage pop nail on the head. And Slow Grind certainly starts as it means to go on. “Dreamin’ Blue” longs for a lost love, but you would never have guessed if you didn’t listen to the lyrics. Even broaching emotional subjects, Beach Skulls still produce a care-free, easy going track with their signature laid-back style.

“Sante Fe” is lead single from the album, and pays homage to Swim Deep with its slow riff and dreamy vocals. This track really drums home the American connection, laced with a “California Dreamin’” kind of feel. The album cover probably has its part here, with its palm trees, blue skies and American parking lot. If you still didn’t quite get the American link, the fast opening riff of “Melted” sounds like it’s come straight out of Pulp Fiction in a classic surf pop fashion.

The album ends on a soft note, with lovely instrumental, “Porch Dude Chillin’”. The wave sounds and slow fade out kind of represents the whole album’s relaxed haze. Slow Grind certainly has it all in terms of summer listening; the dreamy vocals, surf pop riffs and the care-free attitude to everything and anything. It encapsulates the summer and definitely brought out a sense of nostalgia. And all of this was achieved in one enjoyable half an hour on a rainy, dreary day.

Release: 29th April 2016, Punk Slime Records


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