Ladyhawke lifts her spirits with third album Wild Things

Wild ThingsLadyhawke aka Pip Brown has returned with her third studio album, Wild Things – a follow up to her 2012 album Anxiety. The album sees the artist bringing back the synth and is a nod to both eighties electronica and pop music from this decade (think Chvrches).

The four-year gap between Anxiety and Wild Things is a testament to the time it can take an artist to feel secure enough to create something they are proud of and happy with. Back in 2012, Ladyhawke described making her second album as “a two-year-long anxiety attack” and we would have had an earlier and possibly similar third album had she not decided to totally bin an almost-completed track list for a healthy reason musicians rarely declare – the songs made her feel too sad. “I wanted to feel happysaid Brown, “And I was sick of feeling like crap and it coming through in my music, so that's why I scrapped it.

The artist has put that crap feeling largely down to her reliance on alcohol to cope with her social anxiety; now she’s done with booze and is determined to lead a healthier, happier life and this is evident in the new album. While pouring troublesome feeling into lyrics and chord progressions can be therapeutic to songwriters, it must be exhausting to have to dredge those feeling back up every time you have to perform. By recognising that and making the conscious decision to release the music she wants to influence her mood positively, Ladyhawke has produced an album ideal for joyful consumption. If you are looking for an album that exudes healthy optimism, this is for you. Find that exact message in “Let It Roll”; a percussive track that encourages the listener to forget their worries.

Unsurprising, the relatively newlywed musician has given us a record full of love songs. By this I mean you’ll find Ladyhawke singing “this is what a love song sounds like” on the first track on the album which is called, well, “A Love Song”. “Chills” stands out as one of the most memorable from the track list; a song that says “love” more times than Donald Trump has said “wall” during his presidential campaign and was co-written with dance floor veteran and Scissor Sisters band member Scott Hoffman (aka Babydaddy).

If it’s not love love you’re after, you may be able to relate to the heartening wistfulness on the title track; one Ladyhawke has described as a “dreamy nostalgic love song about reminiscing on your wayward youth". The line “when we’re almost always lonely, we forget to take it slowly” touchingly conjures up strong memories of beginning a new friendship or the need to belong to a group.

Ladyhawke will be showing off the new album in Bristol at Thekla on the 10th June – listen to the title track below.

Release: 3rd June 2016, Polyvinyl Records


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