Interview: Whales in Cubicles

Whales in CubiclesLondon indie-rockers, Whales in Cubicles, are known for their distinctive sound and eclectic alt-rock influences - something DrunkenWerewolf's fallen head over heels in love with since we found the band in 2012. The four-piece have just reasserted their power with a cool new video for “We Never Win”, available to stream below.

Lead singer and guitarist Stef Bernardi sits down with DrunkenWerewolf's Ned Mortimer to chat about their upcoming tour, new album Death in the Evening and its forthcoming as of yet untitled follow up, and what excites them about being musicians...

I hear a certain ferocity and rawness in some of your songs – particularly "We Never Win". Do you know where in your musical influences or life experiences this might stem from?Stef: There was a lot of pent up anger I guess. Up to the point I wrote that song I had been very quiet, about everything to everyone, turning the other cheek and being cool with being trodden on. I'm not religious but I was raised Catholic, the entire system of morals and outlook on life was inherited. A lot of suppressed anger culminated in songs as release. I have learnt to let my anger or whatever emotion flow through me now without any restraint I think, you'll see.


You've had some pretty exciting opportunities since you formed – working with Simon "Barny" Barnicott must've been cool! But what excites you most about working with each other?S: I just love Barny. We're in the studio doing pre-production on the next record. There's about 20 songs in the mix so far. It all came out in less than a month. Being in Bluebell Studios working on songs with him is my idea of heaven at the moment. The band have never been so close to each other musically and I think working with Barn made us connect to that deeper level. I feel alive when we're all playing together.

Your music is infused with lots of cool alt-rock influences – strong edge of Smashing Pumpkins, some Explosions in the Sky here are there etc – what might you be listening to while on tour?S: I went out and bought loads of CDs for that reason actually so I can have a look here, let's see... Eels, Pulp, Cocteau Twins, Television, Super Furry Animals, Deftones, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cure, Bjork, Interpol...

What would you say is the single most useful thing you've learnt through recording an album?S: I'm learning some meaningful lessons right now, to let go of control in order to gain control, and when to get out of the way and let things do themselves. Which is a result of trust.

If you could have anything as part of your stage show (think live tigers, fire-dancers, Eddie form Iron Maiden etc), what would you have?S: Dancing bears and flying monkeys?

What has been the biggest moment of your musical career so far?S: It's happening right now. Writing this album.

Bit of a left-field one: if you had to leave the UK and set up camp as a band somewhere else in the world, where would you choose, and why?S: Somewhere like Poland or Bulgaria, cause I've not been and it would be immersed in a new foreign culture and I like the feeling. A few of my friends live there and swear by it.

Find out more about Whales in Cubicles here, and don't forget the band are playing at Mother's Ruin, Bristol on 29th May 2014!


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