Interview: Olivia Sebastianelli for her new track “Sunset”

SunsetThis week Olivia Sebastianelli returns with style in the form of her new track “Sunset”. A gorgeous, understated ballad to an evening spent watching the sunset; it takes a marked step away from Olivia’s previous material, documented best on her Perfect Getaway EP from October 2013.

Instead “Sunset” finds the Croydon based singer songwriter stumble upon folk and acoustic pastures, littering her material with references to farewells and departures in keeping with her chosen topic.

“Sunset” is the first track to be released by Olivia Sebastianelli in 2014, and to celebrate with catch up with the rising star to talk influences, nature and the future.

You’re now streaming your new track “Sunset” through SoundCloud, and it’s been a while since you released your Perfect Getaway EP. Will the song receive an official release, one way or another?

It's not an official release at all. I just wanted to get some more music out into the world!

You wrote the track in your garden. Does nature play an important role in your songwriting?

It isn't something I would write a whole lot about, but it can be insanely frustrating trying to write sometimes and going outside can take the pressure off sometimes.

Where do you usually write your material, and do you think setting affects the way you approach music?

Definitely! I find it so hard to write in an office type space. It's too stagnant and official. For me it's easier to write on a beach or outdoors or even just [in] my room. Anywhere that I feel I can be completely free to write a load of awful rubbish I'm not going to use and then turn it into something better haha!

“Sunset” is – compared to your previous material – quite upbeat. Although it was written several years ago, does it hint at material to come from Olivia Sebastianelli?

Maybe.... It's hard to say. I write a lot of songs. Who knows what's to come.

What else do you have planned for 2014? Will you tour?

I'm definitely  playing a lot of shows and hopefully some more music will be on its way for you guys to hear, and other mystical things I can't say anything about ! Hah!

Find out more about Olivia Sebastianelli here, and stream "Sunset" below.


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