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Battle LinesTouring with Coheed and Cambria, playing SXSW and a debut single that’s infectious as MRSA, except a lot better for you. It’s all in a year’s work for Leeds based band Battle Lines and their ultra-sultry Joy Division fused pop.

Combining dark and at times epic alternative with a 90s sensibility; the trio are the perfect accompaniment to an evening spent walking slowly down corridors. Or, if you’re normal, an evening spent alone in your bedroom, carefully memorising the words front woman Carly Humphries sings on new track “Colonies”.

We catch up with founding band member Luke Barnfather to talk shop and future sales predictions.

Hello! For those who don’t already know, what made you form Battle Lines and have your expectations as a band been realised yet?

Luke Barnfather: [Me] and Carly had been writing music for a couple of years [before] we met Matty and Ralph. It was apparent straight away that the four of us worked pretty well, so we stuck with it. There’s never really been an ideology with the band, we've just written songs that we enjoy playing and make sure we’ve never been bored with it. We have a lot we want to achieve still.


What would you say is your main goal as musicians?

We take things slowly; we're working towards a full album at the moment which we're hoping to record quite soon.

You recently played SXSW which is a pretty big coup for a British band. How was it, and which of your performances was your favourite?

It was a fascinating experience. We hadn't been outside the UK as Battle Lines before this, so it was pretty exciting. It was an absolute whirlwind. Our shows seemed to go down really well.

You also have a track record of playing huge showcase events and festivals in Britain. Which has been your favourite to date and why?

Reading and Leeds was a highlight of 2013, as was our tour with Coheed and Cambria. That particular tour was great as I suppose that […] line up is quite eclectic, and you’re always worried about how you may be received. However it was an absolute party and we had such a great time.

For a band that’s only existed for a few years your tour history is impressive! Do you prefer life on the road or in the studio?

They're both completely different entities when it comes to your music. We always get excited going into the studio because you know that the songs you’ve been demoing for so long are going to be changed for the better, and you can't wait for the end result. When it comes to touring, there’s the obvious buzz of playing your music in front of people which is what this whole thing is about.

Your new single “Colonies” is absolutely amazing. What inspired you to write the song and play it the way that you have?

Musically this song started quite quickly in our rehearsal studio. It came purely from a warm up jam! However [we] started to focus on it, Carly brought her lyrics in and the implications of the song's nature began to arise. The feel of the song just leads itself.

Can we expect “Colonies” to rear its head on an album any time soon?

We imagine it will be on there.

You describe yourselves as “dark cerebral pop”, though many would assign you to the ‘indie’ or rock category. Is there any applicable term you wouldn’t want to be associated with?

We haven't dropped any dubstep yet!

What else do you have planned for 2014?

We have a UK tour coming up with Seahaven, a few festival dates and then recording our debut album.

Listen to more by Battle Lines here.


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