Interview: Ardyn discuss being twins in a band and keyboard shopping at Lidl

ArdynAs with most twins, Gloucestershire-based folk duo Ardyn (Katy and Rob Pearson) have grown up with an almost telepathic connection. But like all brothers and sisters, they undoubtedly have their off days. "Not going to lie, we do argue, mostly about silly things," says singer Katy. "But we know each other so well that it’s often forgiven very quickly. We were about 15 when we started writing together. It happened quite naturally I suppose. We never consciously said 'Let’s start a band,' we just wrote together for the joy of it and the band part came later."

Bickering aside, the pair have a strong musical bond, exhibited in their ability to craft wholesome pop songs using well-worn yet reliable sources. Ardyn's genetic harmony can be found in the streamlined chorus of their latest single, "Together", a summery slice of uplifting acoustic pop that draws from the swaying hippy-tones of Fleetwood Mac, guiding the listener out of the grey, towards the lush grasslands of festival season. This, in turn, reflects the writing process and the deeper meaning behind the song. "It’s mainly about us. We wrote it last summer when we were feeling quite depressed and we weren’t really working as a unit. I think it was a reflection of that that. It definitely got us out of that hole." Another intriguing fact about "Together" is that the track was mostly recorded using a keyboard from cheap supermarket stalwart Lidl; proof that you don’t need the best, most expensive equipment to make a hit these days. "Their musical section is very strong, we’ve found classical guitars and record players in there. We’re hoping for a sponsorship."

In case you were wondering, Ardyn is the Latin word for 'enthusiastic', and the pair have certainly proved their eagerness to succeed in the industry so far, with a string of big singles and the brilliantly atmospheric Universe EP under their belt already. More recent releases like "The Valley" evoke various moods and textures, never hiding from an idyllic yearning for the British countryside and its introspective attraction. "These songs were written out of the city so it felt right that the imagery for these releases match that," says Katy. "Nature inspires us a lot. People say our sound is quite melancholy, and I think that is true, we are attracted to sad music and big sing-along pop bands. We love Kate Bush. Kings Of Leon are a big influence - maybe not sound-wise, but songwriting-wise."

Another thing Ardyn seem to consistently get right is the added visual feast of the music video. To encapsulate the wondrous, explorative sounds of "The Valley" and the endless road-tripping of a touring band, they packed themselves into a campervan and headed down woodland roads. “It was a mad couple of days, we must have experienced all of the seasons. We teamed up with Isaac Eastgate who came up with the concept. We managed to find an RV and a driver to drive it all the way from London to Dartmoor.  Its top speed was 30mph, so we couldn’t go that fast... However, the drums did fly at one point.”

They have now utilised the same visual tricks for "Together", only this time the concept is slightly less hazardous, seeing the duo build their very own moon base in the middle of a field… on Earth, obviously. Alongside the track, the video affirms the twins’ mutual artistic understanding and sense of humor, whilst turning them into a fully-functioning band, ready to take on whatever new challenges come their way. "I don’t think we’ve ever been this excited to get music out."

Find out more about Ardyn on their official website.


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