Top 10 Gig Anthems

Gig AnthemsThere's an electricity in the air. Can you feel it? That devious tingle pulsing through the atmosphere polymerized with endless possibility can only mean one thing. It's a gig night.

Musicians across the world rejoice as this sacred right of passage draws ever near. Though every musician has a ritual unique to her or himself, we all come together for a night of art and expression. When I lace up my oxblood Doc Martens and paint on my skinny jeans, there's one go-to essential playlist to aid in my musical transformation.

These are my top 10 gig anthems.

Spring King, "Detroit"


The four-piece indie rockers out of Macclesfield have taken the grit and garage rock attitude of Detroit and perfectly bottled it into one adrenaline-fueled song. Since my band, Go Tiger Go, performs in and out of every venue the city has to offer, this one comes with a little personal pride. The electrified melodies and insanely infectious chorus make for a propulsive anthem.

Bogart, "Little Green Men"


Bogart stepped into the musical spotlight in Detroit a few years ago and haven't looked back. "Little Green Men" has a sinister melody that remedies influence from Japanese rockers like The Pillows. The music slithers around fuzz and flair with the right mixture of harmony and hook.

Japandroids, "Near To The Wild Heart Of Life"


Canadian rock duo Japandroids follow suit of the list with an epic anthem. Even the lyrics boast about getting fired up, and what rock star could argue with, "I used to be good, but now I'm bad"? The song is drenched in the feelings of leather jackets, buzzing microphones, and letting off some of life's never-ending steam.

Wolf Alice, "Moaning Lisa Smile"


Wolf Alice are arguably one of the biggest bands coming out of the UK right now. Their debut album, My Love Is Cool, was filled with hit after hit, including "Moaning Lisa Smile". There's something about that ethereal chorus that almost feels like a battle cry. It's grungy and seething with angst, the perfect combination for any performance inspiring mix.

Kid Cudi, "Day 'N' Nite"


Let's not forget the other genres on the musical spectrum. Kid Cudi takes hip-hop melodies and puts them through a next level spin. This song is a long drive down a stretch of midnight highway. The concrete walls of the city inching ever closer as your subconscious mind slowly start to take over. With booming bass and layered trip hop keyboard lines, Kid Cudi is sure to get the party started.

Tunde Olaniran, "Namesake"


Tunde Olaniran is one of the greatest artists coming out of the Detroit music scene right now. I stress artist because his live shows are a multi-sensory experience of lights, sounds, dance, music and rhythm. Olaniran, based out of Flint, Michigan sets the performance bar incredibly high, and also promotes a safe judgement free zone for every single show. His vocal range is something out of a daydream and becomes the ying to his musical yang.

Grayscale, "Atlantic"


Grayscale breathes life into the night with epic proportions, especially on their single, "Atlantic". This song makes the list because of the huge hook of a chorus that comes crashing in like a sonic wave. The melody jump starts with adrenaline and feels like a caffeine-induced high, which is even referenced in the lyrics.

Something Corporate, "I Woke Up In A Car"


Perhaps one of the all-time great quintessential gig songs, "I Woke Up In A Car" has to make the list for obvious reasons. It's a song about being on the road with your band and having an epiphany of a moment that you're completely lost, but loving every moment. Andrew McMahon has a brand new project, but Something Corporate will always stand the test of time, and this song will forever encapsulate what it means to long for adventure.

Grouplove, "Welcome To Your Life"


Playing a gig is a sacred experience, where musician and fan come together in an energy exchange. Grouplove capture that brilliant and infectious mood on "Welcome To Your Life". Again, big hooks and bright, lush melodies are the secret to unlock greatness. An anthemic chorus inspires on a level that feels like the whole world is just waiting to be discovered.

Best Coast, "California Nights"


Something about the night time is so enchanting, enticing, and cerebral. Maybe it's the air of mystery in what each hour might hold, or that dim glow from the street lights as you drive through the city. There is an undeniable attraction. All of those feelings fit into the layers of lush psychedelic sound that Best Coast creates on "California Nights". Buzzing neon and smoke rising up into the atmosphere are all familiar images that flash throughout the picturesque landscape of the sound.


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