Ones to Watch at Dot to Dot 2019

Dot to Dot 2019This weekend marks the return of one of the UK's most celebrated new music festivals, and Dot to Dot 2019 isn't holding back. An onslaught of emerging acts present on their full lineup, which will tour Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham starting 24th May 2019.

Bristol has always seemed fortunate in that it lands the Saturday for musical high jinks and the Sunday for recovery and cats, without interfering with normal life on the Friday. This year organisers have also made the sensible decision to move the event to the bank holiday weekend, thus avoiding Eurovision and giving additional time for green tea before returning to work (or whatever; the student force is strong with this one).

That's not even the most significant change. Previous Dot to Dot line-ups have reflected many other new music showcases and vice versa; so much so it's unclear who's had a good idea first. This year however, there's a clear divide, with promoters DHP erring towards singer songwriter territory the further down the line-up you go. The headliners are still there, full of indie pomp and bombastic critical acclaim, but there's no denying attendees of Dot to Dot 2019 will find something unique if they keep one ear to the ground.

Stuck for choice? We sympathise. Below, you'll find some of the artists we think you should go and see.

Alex Lahey

Melbourne's Alex Lahey may have been given the small print treatment in Dot to Dot promo but make no mistake about it, this show will be packed. Head down early to see an Australian musician that isn't Courtney Barnett take on a crowd, in support of her critically acclaimed new indie rock album The Best of Luck Club.

Alice Jemima

Hopefully well known to DrunkenWerewolf readers, electro darling Alice Jemima has an underground following that's stood her in good sted, resulting in a collaboration with Sophie Ellis-Bexter on new single "Icarus". As you might expect, hers is a fundamentally British pop sound, but always worth of a dance.

Pinky Pinky

Lined up to release their debut album Turkey Dinner through Innovative Leisure in June 2019, Pinky Pinky are this year's Hinds with a touch of Chastity Belt cool. The Los Angeles three-piece are on the brink of fame, so Dot to Dot 2019 offers a good chance to catch them while you can.


Not to be mistaken for a cult American indie band, as much as they sound like one, Bristol's Wasuremono will appear at all three dates and if you don't appear in the audience, you'll be sorely missing out. That's really all we have to say about the matter.

Angie McMahon

A new love for DrunkenWerewolf and evidence enough that Dot to Dot 2019 will be yield recommendations a-plenty; Angie McMahon has a solid following thanks to her Torres meets Minksi songwriting skills. Another Melbourne native presenting Dot to Dot 2019, it's unlikely she'll share fans with Lahey.


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