Ones To Watch at Dot to Dot Festival 2016

Dot to Dot 2016Dot to Dot 2016 is to music enthusiasts what Christmas is to little children. The festival comes but once a year, but when it’s here it brings along dozens and dozens of new and exciting artists. This year, the Santa of festivals is in no shortage of brilliant artists spread over the venues of Nottingham, Bristol and Manchester.

The Bristol leg of the festival is strewn around the city from the Exchange to the O2 Academy to The Louisiana and Thekla, among many other cafés, clubs and pubs.

As we’ve experience how overwhelming it can get trying to catch so many acts in so little time, we’ve prepared a compact list to guide you through the mayhem!

Read our Ones to Watch at Dot to Dot 2016 below.

Fenne Lily

Expect nothing less than poetry and a voice to bring you to tears from this Bristolian rising star. Despite having only one song, "Top to Toe", available on Soundcloud, the three and a half minutes of beautiful lyrics and soft melody are enough to hook us in.

Tamu Massif

Another headliner, and for good reason: Tamu Massif is the epitome of what indie music should sound like. Despite the title of his single, "Holding Back", his deep vocals and eclectic mix of electronic and acoustic sounds show no signs of holding back his musical aptitude.

Liberto Wolf

This four piece Bristol-based band has enough heart-wrenching lyrics and passionate guitar riffs to make your heart vibrate. Their single, "Everyone Wants to Hurt You", delivers the perfect alt/post rock vibe on a bed of dark words and smooth licks that sound even better live.

New Palace Talkies

If you miss New Palace Talkies, you are making a very big mistake. Another notable member of Bristol’s promoter Chivern’s fleet of boundless talent, New Palace Talkies have been making a name for themselves since their formation in 2014, and we expect nothing but big things from them this summer.

Me You and Thomas

Front woman Rhianna’s voice is the kind of voice that only comes along once in a lifetime. It flows over a bed of beats expertly hit by Joe, the second half of this up-and-coming duo from Bristol.

No Violet

Slow, slurred vocals and deep psych guitar licks, No Violet’s front woman's unique croon combined with the bass-infused 60s-esque instrumental are a force to be recognised. If the taster we got from single "Your Head/ My Head" is anything like their live performance, then we’re in for a real treat.

Van Zeller

It’s going to be loud, sweaty, and bursting with energy. Van Zeller compactly represent their musical superiority in their two minute long single "She’s Moving Right", delivering a big bite of garage inspired rock.

The Karma Repair Kit

If this Bristolian four piece’s awesome name doesn’t draw your attention, their loud, post-punk garage sound surely will. They’ve been building up quite the reputation in Bristol, with performances at The Louisiana, The Exchange and The Stag and Hound slowly inflating their well-deserved fan base.

Oliver Wilde

Solo acoustic sessions always bring forth feelings of intimacy and magical connections between performer and audience. Add Wilde’s spellbinding voice to the mix, and you got yourself a pretty memorable evening.

Body Clocks

They’re electric, they’re Bristolian, and they’re a duo not to be missed! Body Clocks have found the perfect balance between electronic beats and acoustic ambiance, bringing forth a sound to be reckoned with. Something about their Still Life just fills our brains with visions of warm summer nights in endless grassy fields.


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