8 Questions We Want To Be Answered by the Music Industry in 2018

Music Industry in 2018 - Kyla La GrangeA load of questions were answered in 2017: when will the music industry wake up to sexual assault? How will the listening world fair after the loss of three innovative music pioneers, in BowiePrince and George Micheal? When will DrunkenWerewolf be invited to Maida Vale? The year was a treasure trove for the inquisitive, and didn't fail to serve up some awesome results.

Still - always searching for moments of glorious resolution - we have a few challenges thst need to be addressed in the next 12 months.

Below, we list 8 questions we want to be answered in 2018.

When can we expect a new album from Kyla La Grange?

A heavy touring schedule and attracting the wrath of Conservative voters didn't stop Kyla La Grange from releasing some R'n'B-laced gems in 2017 - amongst them the undeniably catchy "Violet Blue" - but not enough to quench our thirst for more, more, MORE. How about it, Kyla?

What will replace Blissfields and Farmfest on our 2018 festival schedule?

With both of our favourite music festivals - Somerset's Farmfest and Winchester's Blissfields - due to take a break from the main stage in 2018, how on earth are we going to fill our summer? The votes are out, but one thing is for sure: we're already lining up for their return.

Which platform will emerge as the new Soundcloud?

Any earnest music blogger will tell you the mode of operation for bands streaming online has been a little off lately, with many turning to subscription and e-commerce platforms like iTunes and Spotify to document their wears. The slow demise of Soundcloud has taken its toll on the online community, and we reckon it's time for another website to take the reigns.

When will Thumpers tour?

Thumpers released a corker new album in 2017 in the form of Whipped & Glaze, which made our Editor Tiffany's Top 10 Albums of the Year. With so many stage-ready nougats under their belt, we were all set to see the duo return to the stage in Bristol - or, y'know, anywhere other than London - but to no avail. When will they take to the motorway? Only time and their booking agent can tell.

When will music fans stop supporting artists who've been named and shamed for sexual assault?

Yep, although 2017 turned up the volume on exposing artists who've committed sexual assault, unfortunately, many music fans chose to conveniently ignore or deny any wrongdoing. We're not just talking about the shameful attitude of some Brand New fans. From Bowie to Jimmy Page, some of the musicians we regard as the greatest of their generation have also had fingers waggled in their direction. Read this excellent article on The Daily Beast if you don't believe us.

When will the world wake up to the Australian music scene's charm?

Our first Introducing Article of the new year went to brilliant new rock pop artist Hatchie, and last year Annie Taylor also caught us hook line and sinker. The Australian music scene has been bursting at the seams for a few years now, and while bands don't always 'make it' in the traditional sense, we think it's high time the UK started to listen up.

Will Middle Kids finally get the attention they deserve?

...On that topic, Sydney's Middle Kids are due to fulfil their Ones to Watch role with a killer year of releases. Surely an album is on the cards from the Domino Records signees?

How many gigs can we pack into the next six months?

Forget 2018, we want it now. In the next 6 months DrunkenWerewolf is due to attend a whole host of performances in Bristol and the UK, not least of all new music showcases in the form of Liverpool's SoundCity, Live at Leeds, and of course Dot to Dot. We couldn't be more ready for it!

What questions do you want to be answered by the music industry in 2018? Let us know in the comments below!


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