Writers Albums of the Year 2017

Big Thief - Albums of 2017With so many amazing albums released in 2017, how can anyone choose a Top 10? Our Editor Tiffany Daniels and Deputy Editor Matthew Neale have already had a crack at their favourite full lengths of the year, and they've come up with wildly different lists despite sharing a similar taste in music. A symptom of the independent scene, with brilliant artists struggling to grab the attention of the masses? Or perhaps we've just been spoilt for choice. One thing is for sure: asking a group of people to select a comprehensive list is an even more daunting task.

No excuses. Now, it's time for the wider team to take a crack at the challenge in the form of the Writers' Poll. Previous years have seen unexpected artists take the top slot thanks to the team's healthy variety - Mitski in 2016Kendrick Lamar in 2015; and Warpaint in 2014. Our 2017 list is just as unpredictable.

Find out who's made our Top 10 Albums of 2017 below.

10\\ Ibeyi – Ash


"Ibeyi's sublime "Deathless" still feels like an anthem for the crush barriers, a sequel to "Alright" that arrives pre-wrapped in chanted defiance," Matthew Neale

9\\ Joshua Burnside – EPHRATA


"On an album that's so technically accomplished, it's a very welcome surprise to find the lyricism is just as deft," Tiffany Daniels

8\\ Kendrick Lamar – DAMN.


7\\ Sampha – Process


"The soulful delicacy of Sampha has reached a beautiful pinnacle with his debut album," Hannah Wakeman

6\\ Gorillaz – Humanz


5\\ The xx – I See You


4\\ Alvvays – Antisocialites


"Alvvays know their craft and are bound to end up being part of the same musical canon they capitalise on. They’ve reached a point where even their less compelling tracks are still worth revisiting a few times," Alberto Andres

3\\ Father John Misty - Pure Comedy


"Like any good comedian, he artfully builds up this schtick, the better to blindside you with a moment of sincerity," Matthew Neale

2\\ Big Thief – Capacity


"Despite this tragic content (or perhaps because of it), Mary is an outstanding piece of beautiful deep-south styled country meets indie rock with singer-songwriter Adrianne Lenker’s voice as thick and smudgy as tear-stained mascara," Leander Hobbs

1\\ The National - Sleep Well Beast


Love this? Check back soon for our favourite tracks of 2017!


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