EP Reviews

Vocals drive Middle Kids’ mini-album New Songs For Old Problems
Middle Kids waste no time on warm-ups. New Songs For Old Problems erupts with a blaring round of guitar chords, fired out with enough energy to knock ...more
Sunflower Bean come for us on King of the Dudes EP
This writer still hasn't unpinned his end-of-year tweet applauding Sunflower Bean’s Twentytwo in Blue as the finest album of 2018, and now they're t...more
No Violet unleash chaos on Faces
Having stirred up the attention of the BBC airwaves, four-piece No Violet are set to release their debut EP Faces this autumn. They’re even being s...more
Waxahatchee’ Great Thunder is too damp to cause a storm
What a crushing feeling it is to put on a new record by a beloved artist only to find that you’ve been saddled with the 'change of direction' EP. O...more
Esther Joy goes intergalactic with The Acid Caves Vol 1
London based producer and singer Esther Joy is back with her unique electronic vision, this time releasing three tracks that conceptually tie together...more
Shining Mirrors EP blends garage with infectious harmony
The upcoming EP from Brooklyn based dark garage trio Shining Mirrors perfectly finds the intersection of Phil Spector style pop and punk. The self-ti...more
Isaac Gracie dives into a lush and cathartic release with The Death of You & I
Isaac Gracie's The Death Of You & I is an intoxicating mix of musical styles that sway into a lush presentation of cathartic release. The UK ind...more
Dream Wife ignite incendiary Fire EP
What happens when three astrological fire signs take to their instruments to create? The answer is a combustion of bright, energetic, incendiary sound...more
Basement Revolver and the importance of character narratives
"Tree Trunks", "Mountains", "Bread and Wine"... With one exception, the titles on the new Agatha EP from Basement Revolver set the perfect scene of...more
The Coathangers bring punk diversity to Parasite EP
What does punk rock mean in 2017? It's not that straightforward a question. We've already seen a multitude of interpretations, from the more musically...more