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Yoshi Flower (© Dylan Coughran)One of the most exciting things about catching artists at the early stages of their career is gazing down the divergent paths that lay ahead of them. Listening to Yoshi Flower's output to date, reading his interviews, see the critical reaction, it's obvious that the Los Angeles-based artist - AKA Josh Smith, formerly of Detroit duo Gosh Pith - has no interest in pigeonholing himself right now.

"Basically my constant thought is, like, being enlightened," he recently told Billboard, "but also being fucking iced out in diamonds." It's a duality reflected in Smith's music; most of the time he's crafting chillwave chic, but you sense there's an EDM bro threatening to emerge with a Chainsmokers drop at any point.

Half the appeal is the artist's refusal to pick one side. Debut single "Movies" turned a lot of heads early on, with Smith acknowledging that he wanted to make "an acoustic song that had a super-gangster instrumental hook", a mission statement that the track certainly lives up to. His penchant for both styles also makes him an excellent collaborative foil, an opportunity that's already paid dividends; Smith lives with longtime DW favourite Elohim, and the pair collaborated on the superb "Panic Attacks" this year.

What's next for Yoshi Flower? Thankfully, more of the same. His latest track "Just On Drugs" is another hazy electronic banger, this time strewn with acoustic guitar, but still built around a killer hook: "It's not love, we're just on drugs." It sounds destined to soundtrack the overindulgent beach party of your dreams, either at sunset or sunrise. If you're anything like this guy, I imagine you'll go for both.

Catch up with Yoshi Flower on Twitter and listen to "Just On Drugs" here:



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