Introducing: Tree

TreeTree is no ordinary, off-the-cuff project. The slow burning, yet well timed and thought through collaborative affair has flourished in the hands of namesake and head honcho Oliver Tree Nickell, who’s signed to R&S Records.

Now in his early twenties and based in Santa Cruz, California; Nickell’s new single “Stuck down the Wrong Rabbit Hole” has been two long years in the making. First penned and recorded in 2012, Tree called upon then 18 year old singer Lena Kuhn, and 17 year old synth wizard Beat Culture to contribute to the track. The results are fantastic. “Stuck down the Wrong Rabbit Hole” is slice of pure pop goodness with an extra side of psych and urban cool.

Plugging themselves as “modern storytellers, trapped inside the internet”, the theme of fantasy meets new technology runs throughout Tree’s music. A distinct dream-like quality also seeps through the sound of studio gadgets on debut EP Demons, available to purchase from here.

Tree recently spent time with local film directed Steve Dabal to produce a particularly engaging short to coincide with the release of “Stuck down the Wrong Rabbit Hole”. Watch it below, and find out more about Tree here.


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