Introducing: Swimming Bell

Swimming BellLush acoustics drive the ethereal, enchanted sound of Swimming Bell, the solo project of Brooklyn-based singer songwriter Katie Schottland.

Schottland’s delicate vocals shimmer above layers of beautiful melody, with a circadian rhythm that leaves you swaying on your toes. Latest single “1988” is reminiscent of First Aid Kit due to its soulful storytelling and prevalent guitar. It stays modern thanks to a structured rythmn and interesting layering techniques. It explores a childlike wonder and authentic, raw account of people, places and things.

Combining elements of dusty California roads with New York City wraithlike folk, Schottland revels in creating dreamy, crooning songs.

Swimming Bell has stayed extremely busy this summer, playing a slew of big shows and festivals throughout NYC and gearing up for an October tour with fellow indie-folk Brooklyn-based band W.C. Beck. Schottland also toured throughout the UK and Europe in June.

Find out more about Swimming Bell here.


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