Introducing: SWIMM

SWIMMSome album titles manage to capture the entire spirit of a record in one deft turn of phrase: White Light / White Heat, perhaps, or the bushy-tailed I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning. The debut album from Los Angeles duo SWIMM hasn't landed yet, but having been treated to a handful of singles now, we're pretty sure that Sentimental Porno is perfectly named.

Singer/guitarist Chris Hess and percussionist Adam Winn originally started the band in Florida before relocating to the City of Angels, and it shows; while their newer material still bears the woozy, sun-streaked quality of early EPs Feel and Beverly Hills (earning them the ubiquitous 'psych-pop' tag), it also feels a little sleazier these days. Previous single "Kim K" certainly caught them on a hot streak, hustling the room like Parenthetical Girls recast with more swagger.

If that track leaned more towards the glamour, new single "Easy Way Out" is perhaps a reflection of their sentimental spirit; the kind of song that sounds like it was born for beautiful weather or the longing in its absence. Like all great artists, SWIMM succeeds in uniting several emotions at once; in fact, it's pretty much their mission statement. "Our dream come true is that our music will make you want to feel, dance, laugh, cry, make love, or think," Hess said recently. "Not necessarily simultaneously, but please do inform us if this is ever possible for you. We love and appreciate you." We love you too guys. Let's take this thing to the next level.

Find out more about SWIMM on Facebook and listen to "Easy Way Out" below:


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