Introducing: Summer Cannibals

In the cultural hotbed of Portland OR, most bands qualify as a super-group of sorts. Summer Cannibals are no exception, combining a history of Your Canvas, Pocketknife, Adventures! With Might and more to make their own special brew of garage recorded hawk and spit. Not heard of any of them? Me either, but if these songs are anything to go by that just means we’re on the cusp of filling a great gaping hole in our music collection.

‘Cannibals are blistering. They automatically qualify for a name abbreviation; I might even start calling them SC if they don’t watch it. They take the keyboard shenanigans that clutter and make great most of Spencer Krug’s output with a vocal performance right out of the gob of Mary Timony. Impressive comparisons do not get more seminal than that. June’s single “Handle This Love” and heavier b-side “Can’t Get Enough” are the lovechild of Kill Rock Stars and a punk riff sauced down with the cultural significance of the internet revolution. Finally, a band the children of the 80s can be proud of, and I’m not even sure how old the band are, I'm just hoping they're younger than 33.

Check out the single below.


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