Introducing: Sorcha Richardson

sorcha richardsonIt's highly unlikely that Sorcha Richardson will remain a name unknown to you by this time next year - mainly because I'm introducing you to her right now. If there's one genre in the world that continues to evolve, amaze and push boundaries, it's r'n'b. The genre has had a real renaissance over the last few years. With artists like Miguel, The Weeknd and Banks heading up a new generation of introverted crooners, the old guard, most notably D'Angelo, continue to do what they do best. R'n'b is once again at the forefront of sonic evolution. Get ready to add Sorcha's name to that already rich cannon.

Hailing not from the genre's spiritual home of America but from Dublin, Sorcha now lives in Brooklyn. Clearly the city's sound has rubbed off on her. Her latest single,"Petrol Station", is a masterclass in slick production, full of soft synth and understated bass. As Sorcha sings "I wanna hold you" you notice not only how beautifully understated her voice is, but also that her Irish accent creeps in. This gives her vocals an unpredictable element that sets her music aside from the usually auto-tuned perfect voices found on tracks like this. As drums echo in the background and the synths wash over you, the longing and emotion of the track overwhelms. It's a great slice of pop music.

Sorcha played the Kitsuné showcase at CMJ in October, and I don't think it'll be long before she's playing some much bigger shows. She shows that r'n'b can still continue to be forward thinking, while keeping the emotional honesty that makes the genre so great.

Listen to the amazing "Petrol Station" below or find out more about Sorcha Richardson here.


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