Introducing: Snail Mail

Snail MailFor most musicians, the only person or persons you expect to ask permission from is your manager or label. To be 'independent' generally means not having to ask those people for permission. For Lindsey Jordan, such was the rapid success of her very first band – lo-fi rock trio Snail Mail – that being independent meant finishing high school and not needing signed permission from her headmaster to miss school to tour with the band.

Dubbed by Pitchfork asthe wisest teenage indie rocker we know, Jordan is quickly gathering admirers, both for her music and, as is clear from all the interviews you find her doing online, her charming personality, a certain coolness personified with an outspoken edge. Hailing from Ellicott City, Maryland, the band released their debut Habit EP two years ago when she was still 16.

Jordan has been playing the guitar since the age of 5 and spends 95% of her free time honing her guitar technique, including having lessons with one of her idols, Mary Timony of 90s alt-rock band Helium. And it definitely appears to be time well spent; her grungy, post-punk guitar sound and disaffected vocals (think Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth) have since earned the band spots on a stream of festivals including SXSW, and millions of online streams. They have since been working on their debut album, due for release this year, while at the same time Jordan has been finishing high school and leaving behind all those pesky headmasters...

Find out more about Snail Mail on Facebook and listen to "Thinning" below.


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