Introducing: Shorts

ShortsTo get a leg up on the New York indie scene, Melbourne’s Mikael Caterer had just the right idea when he formed his new venture Shorts. Not simply about showing some skin, Caterer ensures that what he exposes has a decent bit of colour behind it. In the case of his debut Berlin 1971 EP, that involves  flashing plenty of dream pop, uplifting loaded indie ballads and even a bit of warbling production to see you through to the next track.

Caterer’s solo project spawned from his current membership in Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, which itself ironically started out as the solo project for fellow Melbournian Craig Dermody.  Less alone than his counterpart was at the outset, Shorts also owes its diverse sound to a variety of helping hands; bassist Jonah Maurer, Dylan Shumaker on drums and a friendly guitar and keyboard player from old Australia days: Adrian Tegonning.

With the breath heavy countdown left in on “Heavy 10th Birthday” and the wild and wailing end to “Wonder (I Just Wanna)”, it’s easy to get a feel for the crude, recording science that underpins Shorts DIY direction. The title track is a joyous tribute to a previous 40-day tour slog from which these songs were spawned, whilst the closer “She Feels The Sting” slips you behind the wheel of an absurdist, one sided relationship. None of these tracks repeat the other; they etch grooves onto established genres, sharing company with the likes of Real Estate and DIIV.

You can listen to the Berlin EP at Mikael’s Bandcamp, and find out more about Shorts at his Facebook page. Still at his job as a kindergarten teacher, we hope Shorts’ next recess from his main band amounts to another impressive assignment from this promising new project.


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