Introducing: Salt Petal

Salt PetalAnyone still mourning the loss of The Pipettes in the mid noughties can final put their salty tears to bed. Los Angeles based collective Salt Petal has all the spongy tissue goodness of a girl group binging on Monkey Swallows the Universe and doo-wop.

Comprised of Autumn Harrison on vocals, Rodrigo Gonzalez on guitar, Hiroo Nakano on drums, Jesse Herrera on bass and Dayna Richards on the all important trumpet; rather bizarrely Salt Petal refer to themselves as “Argentinian folk with Brazilian tropicalia and indie surf rock”. Actually what this transpires to sound like is pop music, occasionally in another language and injected with a large dose of South American sass. In other words, it’s really good.

Salt Petal’s sophomore album Sea Monster is out now and can be purchased in the UK here. By way of a taster, check out “Darkest Hour” below.

Salt Petal - Darkest Hours from Reuben Reynoso on Vimeo.

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