Introducing: Ryan Traster

Ryan TrasterSinger-songwriter Ryan Traster hails from Minneapolis but has spent a good part of his career touring the world. With symphonic, silky rhythms and lyrics that soothe the soul, Traster is aiming for a breakout year in 2019.

Releasing his 6th album Choses Obscures via Slow Start Recordsand with a slew of shows to accompany it, Traster combines country elements and modern folk with modern, surfy vibes. The album title translates from French to 'obscure things' with a native meaning that implies 'dark energy'; fitting for the sombre elements found in the lyrics and melodies.

Transfer is influenced by other songwriters who are much like him, such as Skip Spence, Bert Jansch, and Judee Sill. He also finds inspiration in the harder times that have occurred in his life, talking to dying dreams and happiness all at once. The 60s and 70s elements fuse with a warm and worn-in sound that has a twang that hints at modernity. According to Traster, these songs came from a “devastating time in [his] life” while he was soul-searching and facing himself directly as a musician. Cathartic in nature, the recording process of his new album helped his personal reinstatement of his love for music... and that shows.


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