Introducing: Rachel by the Stream

Rachel by the StreamIt’s about time someone took up the gauntlet of weird pop music, and Rachel by the Stream looks to be just the band to do it. The project of Melbourne based artist and singer Rachel Razelle comes complete with vibrant colours, theatrical makeup and a wardrobe straight off the international catwalk of strange: but image isn’t the only string to Razelle’s bow. New single “Reasons to Live” combines studio manipulated glitches with a totally infectious vocal, reigniting the electro pop flame originally lit by Liverpool band Ladytron.

Another comparison and one sure to be on the minds of those who follow our Introducing section is that of fellow Australian project Ginger and the Ghost. Indeed, the two acts pull from the same quarter of creativity, merging songwriting with technical know-how and a penchant for synth sprung melodies. Completing the line-up of Rachel by the Stream is Mattriks, an MC and producer also known for his decade-long hip hop shenanigans. Although downplayed by Razelle’s, his input nevertheless indicates the level of genre fusion at play here.

“Reasons to Live” was self-released on 29th October. Its video can be streamed below. For more information on Rachel by the Stream, head over here.


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