Introducing: Pair of Arrows

Pair of ArrowsWhen does a pair become a trio? Pair of Arrows is a talented Los Angeles-based new wave electronica act that provides pulsating, all-enveloping synth and percussion-rich sound. Swan Palermo's gorgeous vocal rounds off the three piece's sound, and they're gathering momentum at an alarming pace.

Pair of Arrows has just released their debut EP Walls, a collection of songs drawn loosely around the theme of power balance (or imbalance). "Step Again", with its gorgeously measured intro which comes in before the drop of the second verse, is one of the highlights of the record. And, with its stunning chorus, the title track is another standout, Lana del Rey-esque number.

Palermo herself sees "Darklight" as lyrically their most significant: "[It's] about the selfishness and folly of human evolution moving too fast for its own good, it is about atonement and forgiveness." Let's just hope that the band themselves aren't moving too fast for their own good...

Listen to Pair of Arrows' "Darklight" below.


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