Introducing: Obits

ObitsSubPop has made a welcome return to new music in 2013 with two standout pieces of news: the signing of London’s Thumpers, who are currently touring with Scottish upstarts CHVRCHES, and the release of the third album from this band, Obits.

Not nearly well enough known outside of their local scene, the quartet are based in Brooklyn, New York, and comprise Rick Froberg, Sohrab Habibion, Greg Simpson and Alexis Fleisig. Their routes might be firmly fixed to cooler soil, but they nevertheless sound like the bastard children of Oasis and The Zutons, born at concert boasting The Datsuns and White Stripes on its bill. It's not rolling, it's roaring.

New single “Spun Out” is taken from Obits’ new album Beds & Bugs, released through the legendary SubPop and available to buy here. Listen to “Spun Out” below.


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