Introducing: Mystic Peach

Mystic PeachWith soaring, silky vocals and heavy guitar riffs, Mystic Peach hail from Southampton.

The band has a nostalgic yet modern sound that's reminiscent of The Stooges. Latest single “Across the Pond” ebbs and flows like an electric ocean crashing into a fuzz-fuelled beach; the rise and fall of each section couples with front man Curtis Gale's vocal in seamless harmony. A bombastic drum line solidifies a rhythmic, thumping bass line, as all sizzle with a sinister glow.

Contrary to their sound, Mystic Peach write music about sticking it to 21st century modernity. The genre they use to do it is best described as psychedelic rock with a hint of shoegaze and indie-pop; Mystic Peach is a complex mix. Each member of the band contributes individual influences, which is more than apparent in their garage-meets-ambient single.

While Mystic Peach aren't necessarily mainstream, they are extremely listener-friendly with a live show that leaves their audience entranced by their exciting presence and unique sound. They gig a lot, and are prevalent in both Southampton and Portsmouth, even playing a few shows with Gengahr. The band is scheduled to play Winchefestival and Farmfest.


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