Introducing: Mise En Scene

Mise En SceneOn the cusp of releasing their second album five years after their 2012 debut Desire’s Despair, Canadian quartet Mise En Scene could be in line for a huge 2017.

Having already accrued an impressive live CV, including appearances at Primavera and two slots at SXSW, plus successful shows in Paris and Berlin, the signs are Mise En Scene are ready to take their beguiling indie–garage-rock of to a wider audience.

With their last album gaining them a Sirius XM Indie Awards nomination and getting a 16-week run in Canada’s Top 50 chart, there is an expectation that the new record will push the band to greater heights.

On the basis of lead track 'Show Me You’re Real', there is much to be excited about. The first track released from the album is infectious, combining a frenetic rhythm section with soaring vocal.

Up until last year, the Winnipeg outfit had operated solely as a two-piece, but founding members Blondal Johnson and Jodi Dunlop have added bassist Corey Hykawy and guitarist Dave Gagnon to the line-up ahead of their upcoming album release, allowing their sound to develop significantly from their debut album.

With their appearance at this year’s SXSW drawing even more plaudit, Mise En Scene has sh

hat, even in the age of social media hype and tastemakers, there is still room for bands who make their name from relentless touring and live shows.

Listen to Mise en Scene below.


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