Introducing: minihorse

minihorseArtistic and melodic; dreamy yet undeniably electric; minihorse is a three-piece band based out of Ypsilanti, Michigan fronted by multi-talented musician Ben Collins.

Collins is well-known for working alongside Michigan's best musical talent for years, and here he joins forces with bassist Christian Anderson and drummer John Fossum to create catchy, fuzz-layered tunes that are reminiscent of Maps.

Their February-released single "Drink You Dry" is the perfect song to transition from cold winter nights into a Saturday spring drive with your windows down; breathing fuzzy, indie electric guitar into hazy, atmospheric rock. Collins brought in his friend, well-known musician Anna Burch, to sing some harmonies with him on the track, leaving listeners breathless at the silky sounds that are created by the duo's vocals.

While writing the song, Collins was inspired by his experience of being arrested and spending the night in jail after playing his first solo show. His inspiration is showcased through his head-bopping melodies and storytelling lyrics: melancholy, familiar and restorative in the end; leaving listeners feeling nostalgic in the best possible way.

Minihorse's debut album, Living Room Art, is out April 3rd via Park The Van Records.


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