Introducing: Marika Hackman

Our next Introducing star Marika Hackman struck gold when she was recently confirmed as support on Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s forthcoming UK tour. This in lieu of the information that Johnny Flynn sat in the production chair for her double a-side “You Come Down” and “Mountain Spine”, due for release September 3rd.

It’s no wonder nu-folk royalty are pushing Hackman’s willowy charm. Reportedly channelling the work of D.H Lawrence alongside the more traditional influence of Syd Barrett and Nico, frankly some of her press is pretentious claptrap that wrongly attempts to distance Hackman music from similarly promising modern acts. Not altogether different from her peers but proving herself capable of standing out in the crowd, her music hatches an ethereal plan with a classic folk tinge. Think a softer Mary Epworth minus the shoegaze influence. It’s like accidentally mixing the tears of a wood nymph and some frogspawn in your cake blender and finding a perfectly formed vanilla cupcake in the oven. More than worthy of your time; a betwitching aperitif with hopefully bigger things to come.


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