Introducing: The Magic Gang

The Magic GangAs one of the UK's most important cities in terms of alternative culture, the stream of bands appearing from Brighton should be no surprise to anyone; the latest of said seaside-dwelling groups to catch the eye are the atmospheric The Magic Gang, born out of Home School, YRRS and Bayy.

Bursting into your head like an emotional Weezer, it's no surprise after hearing just a snippet of latest single “She Won't Ghost” that the quartet name Rivers and co. as one of their driving influences. The moody, ambient distortion of the prominent lead guitar, Pixies-esqe dynamics and crisp vocal arrangements of The Magic Gang show a quartet that love and respect the power-pop bands that have come before them. However, they at no point come across as dated or generic in their retro ways, the anxiety in the lyrics making the tracks relate-able and their young crowds seem to be lapping them up, the band are making waves after their tour with JAWS and the positive vibe about them coming out of The Great Escape is almost unavoidable currently.

2014 is promising to be the break-through year for The Magic Gang, “She Won't Ghost” should appear on a debut release later on in the year and can only create more buzz for the band. Their track “Shallow” from the same session with Hookworms' MJ is a similar glorious blend of post-psychedelic messiness and is also well worth your attention, as is previous track “Bruises”.

Check out “She Won't Ghost” below, and find out all about The Magic Gang right here.


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