Introducing: Lovelace

LovelaceLovelace, aka Rebecca Whitbread, isn’t afraid of experimentation, instead taking on multiple genres and instruments for her debut album Lands. Due to be released on 29th July 2016, the album is a showcase of her creativity as she explores rhythm, repetition and melody.

Her first single “Grizzly” has already received attention from Radio X, BBC Devon and Amazing Radio. The track has a dream-like feel and borrows inspiration from cathedral bell tolls as it builds. “State Of Play” takes a more musically complex form, with the addition of strings and a bigger role for the percussion this time.

She’s got this bright, wide ranging, skillful voice and a sort of twinkling guitar, plays around with loops and the piano, and sings about love and other nice things. Take “We Danced” for instance; a beautifully endearing track about nostalgia and distance. She’s cool too – spends her time flitting between top notch cities Berlin and London, occasionally pops to her hometown of Devon. Doesn't she sound just lovely?

But what’s this? A new music video for her single “Moving Train”? Let’s take a look shall we – wait, this isn’t lovely at all. This is bloody terrifying. Wearing some sort of legless beige tights over her head, Whitbread is filmed breaking into the house of a (former?) lover and going from room to room caressing his various possessions and pretending to finish a meal he has yet to clear off the dining table. The tights give her face a cartoonish doll-like look that wouldn’t be out of place in Pan’s Labyrinth and she manages to sustain a manic expression throughout the 4 and a half-long video. It’s a bit horrifying, you may struggle to get Whitbread’s wide-eyed stare out of your head for a while, but we can’t deny it suits the forever unnerving topic of overly intense love (“time is changing for me, won’t slow don’t to wait for ‘maybe’” warbles Whitbread almost threateningly).

Sometimes lovely, sometimes creepy, but always well-constructed, Lovelace has proven herself to be an exciting multi-directional indie artist with Lands.

Watch the video for “Moving Train” below and find out more about Lovelace on her website.


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