Introducing: K Anderson

K AndersonI confess, there was a moment where I stumbled upon K Anderson's music and genuinely thought it might be the work of two-meter-tall South African tennis pro-Kevin Anderson, using downtime between grand slams to pen affecting forthright ditties. But no - he is a Scottish-born, Australian-raised songwriter living in London, with a real way with words.

He first built momentum with his self-deprecatory song "14 Year Old Me", an apology in song form to his younger self for breaking all the promises he made to himself at that age. Both the earnestness of the lyrics and the bright acoustic guitar sound rings of early Frank Turner, and there's a subtle edge of American pop rock (think Plain White T's) in the catchy chorus: "Maybe someday soon I will walk with purpose, and understand the reasons why I do the things that I do." Along with "Bitter Wind", a more recent, edgier track with dissonant vocal melodies and a driving rhythm that reminds me of The Cure's more minimalist work (Seventeen Seconds), it is featured on Spotify's Queer as Folk playlist, a showcase of LGBTQIA+ performers.

His latest single, "Cluttered" - out in November this year - shows him continue this progression to a slicker, rockier sound with a track about messy relationships. And he's captured the spirit of Public Service Broadcasting, not only with the punchy rhythms but also with the music video, taken from clips of a 70s educational video about life in a refuse plant.

Find about more about K Anderson and check out the messy new video for "Cluttered" below.



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