Introducing: Inspired and the Sleep

Inspired and the SleepCalifornian dream pop band Inspired and the Sleep's polished sound belies their short time together, with just a single EP release to their name so far. They may embrace their dream pop label, but in reality the snippets of material posted online suggest a much more varied output than one single pigeon hole. In these circles a reference to Beach House might not be so unexpected, such is the mastery of the dream pop duo. Although Inspired and the Sleep certainly drift away from the somewhat narrow confines of Beach House's distinctive sound, the two groups undeniably operate in similar areas.

Lead single "In My Labyrinth Mind" has racked up over 50,000 plays on Soundcloud in a little over two months and you can see why - the dream-y psychedelic soundscapes are backed up by gorgeous vocals and a video by director and Royksopp collaborator Lauren Rothery, which perfectly captures the mood of the song.

But it is perhaps "Hen Wings" which better displays the band's capabilities. Addictive, radio-friendly melodies mask a deceptively complex structure that brings multi-tracked vocals to the fore. Elsewhere, "Time Travel" buries a sax in and amongst yet more densely-layered textures to create a sound that quickly stands out from the crowd. You get the feeling that this is only just the beginning for them however, and it'll be worth keeping a keen eye on where they go next.

Find out more about Inspired and the Sleep here, and listen to "Hen Wings" below.


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