Introducing: Hoodlem

HoodlemWe’ll be honest; “electronic/hip-hop/pop” isn’t usually our fare. This little gem, however, will teach us not to be so damn judgemental. Hoodlem doesn’t have a Facebook description to melt the alternative fan’s heart; her pseudonym will crinkle a few noses; but her new song “Old Friend”, premiered on Blah Blah Blah Science a few weeks ago, is in a league of its own.

The project belongs to a faceless and nameless Melbourne, Australian based singer songwriter. Or possibly duo, it’s unconfirmed. Whatever the case, they/she is happy to put out content through Soundcloud under the name of Hoodlem, for now any way.

More importantly lead song “Old Friend” is a chilled out pop snap away from being an ice-lolly. Think Friends if the New York band were to replace the hipster sass with subway integrity; Club Girls with the budget; or SCRAPS taking a stab at R’n’B. All previously celebrated artists on DrunkenWerewolf, rest assured Hoodlem is in good company.

Try to find out more about Hoodlem here, and listen to “Old Friend” below.


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